Get New Customers & Stay Connected with Text Messaging!

Mobile marketing is the most powerful and cost effective marketing tool today! According to industry estimates, well over 1 billion dollars will be spent on mobile advertising globally in 2010 and increasing exponentially in future years. Over 270 million US consumers have mobile phones and according to recent studies 80% of customers are willing to receive opt-in SMS (text message) marketing messages. Recent studies show that SMS (text message) marketing is 5 times more effective than direct mail. Text messages always reach your customers at the time you have specified.

Mobile Coupons - 57% of consumers want to receive a coupon on their phone (Deloitte, 2008) Redemption rates 5-20% opposed to 1% of paper coupons.

Product Introduction - Promote new products and And Brand your Name

Targeted Messages - Give the information that is important to your customers instantly. Customers have opted in want the information you are giving them.

Customer / Brand Loyalty - Customers will identify with your brand

Reminder Messages - Remind Customers about appointments, special dates or sales.

Venue Promotions - Promote New Venues, Grand Openings

VIP Groups - Create VIP specials for OptIns

GO GREEN - It is estimated that over 90 Billion Paper coupons are discarded every year. Save A Tree!